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Thread: Newbie with a Question

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    Newbie with a Question

    Hello, I am not a tech savvy person so please forgive me if my questions show it

    I have a question about why I can get the Bob Dylan show on my SiriusXM internet radio, but I can't locate the station on my vehichle's Sirius radio, though I try all three satellite inputs? I also can't find it through the SiriusXM Roku channels?

    Thanks for any assistance you can give.

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    Welcome flannery!

    The Bob Dylan channel is actually a special internet only station;

    Which is why you can find it online but not in your vehicle. Sorry for the bad news
    Charles LaRocca
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    Thumbs down Now they are putting The Village on Internet only.

    I just learned today that the folk music channel The Village (XM 62) is being put on Internet only status so I would not be able to listen to it on my XM car radio. Plan to cancel my subscription.

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    This is true fburton2, but The Bridge also introduced a new show on Sunday mornings called... The Village. I know it isn't the same thing but it is there.

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