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    I know you dont understand anything about years of hard work, but then you dont understand much about anything. You must be one of those Gen-Xer's who expect instant gratification and govt handouts. Touche.

    Oh "concern" was it? Go back and check all the articles you posted with CONVICTION that rampant inflation was right around the corner. Remember China and commodities? lol. Go back and read about Schiff and commodities. Oh my. So embarassing. You cant hide.

    P.S. i have been checking the politics section a little bit lately and its funny but i dont see much
    about inflation. All I see is articles about President Obama being Marx's reincarnation. Quite fascintating coming from a self proclaimed moderate independent. lmfao.

    I invite everyone to check out the thread, ITS A NEW YEAR, under the POLITICS section to see how one of SiriuslyWrong favorite "economists" got just about EVERYTHING wrong last year. Happy
    New Year.
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