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Someone recently pointed out an old article I wrote about Sirius XM paying more attention to social media (http://siriusbuzz.com/the-heartbeat-...-listening.php) and particularly a comment that was made on the article.

First I want to say that I think Sirius XM does a pretty good job handling social media and social support issues which, is much better for the brand (and you shareholders).

Second, here was the comment in question, which happen to be made by Relmor;

"Twitter? Come talk to me in 2 years. See who still “twitters”. LOL Dumb idea. Charles is a basher, plain and simple."

If anyone still talks to Relmor, you might want to let him know its been well over 2 years and it just so happens that both he and his website both utilize Twitter and other forms of social media. Dumb idea?

I don't really care to be honest but, it is interesting to look back at the things I was critical about and all the crap I took because of what I said, only to watch Sirius XM slowly but surely address most of those issues (some better than others).
Tell relmor, he can kiss my ass. I will never post at his site again, They proved themselves to be dishonest and for that fact I dont deal with them. He was one of the 2 main people there that said what happen to me would never happen and I signed up. Needless to say, he was not truthful.