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Thread: Copps Votes No: FCC Still Haggles Over XM-Sirius

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    Yeah I mean its all speculation at this point. No one can really know their thought process, and to tell you the truth they probably won't become completely transparent even once the official vote is handed down. But at least we can move forward after that.

    Personally, I think the only explanation I would find reasonable at this point is that Tate's family has been kidnapped, and ransomed for a merger delay. Who's got a set of eyes on Rehr?

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    FCC Jobs Don't Last

    IIRC, all FCC members typically get replaced by any new administration. Its a cushy job that gets handed to political friends not unlike ambassadorships. Perhaps it benefits current members to show a certain face for future lobbying jobs or other similar endeavors. I don't think any of the current FCC members have any illusions about keeping their positions for any significant period after the end of Bush's term. Even McCain would be highly likely to can the lot of them and replace them with his own cronies.

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    deew, you are incorrect. It is the Chairman who is selected by the President. The other 4 are selected by the president as well, but when they are brought in, they are brought in for 5 or 6 year terms (IIRC). Tate and Addelstein are up for replacement later this year. Copps and McDowell are staying for another 3 (?) years.

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    Thanks for the Clarification

    In that case, is it likely or even possible that Tate or Adelstein could stay on past their term's expiration date if the new prez likes them? Or is it 100 percent guaranteed that they must leave upon expiration of the term of their "service"?

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    I'm sure you've all heard about the impending fines by now. While this blows (as everything has during this FCC process), I think it signals that everything is almost done. Tate wouldn't call for fines first if she wasn't going to vote for the merger.

    As for Copps vote, it was a given. 2 to go.

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