What is going on with Bubba's show lately? They have been talking about and trying to stick to a "clean format" in what seems like an effort to stick it back to corporate for putting the kibosh on some of their more recent bits.

My question is why is this show even being censored at all? Sirius should be totally uncensored...that is what we all pay for. There is nothing that they can say or do, over the radio, that people don't say and do every single day here in America. I just cant see any reason for censoring anything short of breaking the law, it is becoming very disappointing.

I mean come on...they cant air a bit where 25 cent pleasures himself with a fake vagina when you know someone who is passing down that very ruling has done something worse than simply masturbating.

If the over thinkers at Sirius had a clue they would be leaving Bubba the hell alone and doing everything they can to keep him on board and happy. This is coming from someone who purchased Sirius just for Howard and has come to like Bubba even more than the man they pay 500 million to.