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Thread: Bubba The Love Sponge Censored?

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    Bubba The Love Sponge Censored?

    What is going on with Bubba's show lately? They have been talking about and trying to stick to a "clean format" in what seems like an effort to stick it back to corporate for putting the kibosh on some of their more recent bits.

    My question is why is this show even being censored at all? Sirius should be totally uncensored...that is what we all pay for. There is nothing that they can say or do, over the radio, that people don't say and do every single day here in America. I just cant see any reason for censoring anything short of breaking the law, it is becoming very disappointing.

    I mean come on...they cant air a bit where 25 cent pleasures himself with a fake vagina when you know someone who is passing down that very ruling has done something worse than simply masturbating.

    If the over thinkers at Sirius had a clue they would be leaving Bubba the hell alone and doing everything they can to keep him on board and happy. This is coming from someone who purchased Sirius just for Howard and has come to like Bubba even more than the man they pay 500 million to.

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    Whether we like it or not, some form of censorship does exist. Bubba, and shows such as this even walk a fine line on satellite radio. There are subjects that simply will not come up at all.

    While sometimes it seems frustrating as a subscriber, these shows have several things to consider. These types of content are partially subsidized by advertisers, and they have to be sensetive to their advertisers. Ad revenue is going to play a bigger and bigger role with this type of content. in particular if a tiered pricing system emerges.

    The key is offering content that maximizes listener satisfaction. There have been times where Bubba has toned down the stripper and whore talk because there was indication that the audience is bigger when that is not the center of attention on the show.

    Are these shows government censored? No. Are they self censored? Yes indeed.
    Tyler Savery
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    Not only that, but it has been rumored that the FCC may throw in a concession into the merger saying you can only merge if we get censorship powers over you.

    This way Sirius (and XM with the recent O&A suspensions) can say "We are doing our own censorship and the FCC sensorship really isnt needed." I think this is the key reason that SIRI and XMSR have not YET hired Imus. As soon as there is a merger go/no-go ruling, I am willing to bet money Imus will end up on one or the other. They just dont want to push the envelope at this time because of the merger and the FCC.

    That is my opinion anyways. My opinion is if you dont want to hear something like Imus talking about nappy headed hoes or Bubba the Love Sponge talking about hookers and whores, then dont listen. But I guess the government and media think that they need to do the censorship themselves since we are stupid and dont know what we like. If you are offended easily, its pretty obvious you shouldnt be listening to any of these guys including stern. But I am with you clueless, I dont think there should be any censorship...

    But keep it clean until after the merger is completed. Just in case.

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    I have no problems with guidelines and rules but they need to stop calling it "uncensored radio." If they start over censoring or concede to letting the FCC censor their shows I know that I for one, will walk away from this technology that I know, love, and spread the word about on a daily basis.
    Charles LaRocca
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    As I said before SiriusBuzz, I think all of that will be done with as soon as the merger is approved/denied. They will be free to do what ever the heck they want as long as it is not illegal and doesnt piss of the sponsors.

    It is just a show for the FCC to keep them off their backs.

    I HOPE.

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    I could not hope more that you are right.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Do you think Sirius would let me keep the service if I cut back on the monthly subscription fee? I can see it as a marketing ploy to bump up existing subscribers into a higher tier, but if this is not the case, I'd probably just cancel the service in protest. I'd rather be the one doing the regulating. If this is protocol until the dust settles then fine, but I'm not going to support the new format.

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