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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
The Record

Governor Christie intensified his criticism of President Obama on Wednesday, telling a Republican audience in Washington that Obama "is a man out of his depth" who failed to lead on economic and international issues and does not deserve a second term.

Governor Christie speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition. "We have in the White House a president who does not have the first idea how to use executive leadership or, I believe, any significant interest in learning any time soon," Christie told the Republican Jewish Coalition during a daylong forum where six Republican presidential candidates also spoke.

Christie had not been as critical of Obama at the start of this year. In February, for example, he said in a CBS News interview that Obama had "shown some real courage" for bucking the powerful teachers union and supporting merit pay, and Christie praised first lady Michelle Obama for urging children to eat better and exercise.

Christie also declined to have New Jersey join a lawsuit seeking to overturn the health insurance reform law Obama signed in 2010, and would not offer an opinion when asked if the law was constitutional. At the time, the state was receiving tens of millions of dollars provided by various provisions in the law.

But Christie took a different tack as the luncheon speaker for the Republican Jewish Coalition.

He said Obama sat by during "a loss of prestige for America around the world unlike I've seen in 30 years, since the days of Jimmy Carter."

"His solution to the need for bold leadership was to hand over the stimulus package to [then-House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid to fulfill every liberal fantasy they couldn't fulfill in the Bush administration," Christie said.

He also said Obama "used Chicago ward politics tactics to jam down our throats a health care bill nobody wants, nobody needs and I believe will be found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court."

Christie said he was amused by the way the "liberal media fawned" over a speech Obama gave in Kansas on Tuesday, and zeroed in on sentence in which Obama said the nation needed to come together and "up our game."

"He is way late to the game, way late to the game of leadership in America," Christie said at one point. At another, he said Obama "has been on the bench" for three years

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