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Thread: Mitt Romney's Panic Attack

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    Mitt Romney's Panic Attack

    Sure getting interesting in the Republican nomination process.
    Who will win Iowa? New Hampshire? Gingrich, Romney or Ron Paul?

    DEC 08, 2011 AT 07:30 AM PST
    Mitt Romney's panic attack
    byJed Lewison
    With Newt Gingrich soaring in the polls and Mitt Romney's inevitability strategy in shambles, it was only a question of time before something like this came out of Romneyland...

    ...the only surprising thing is the issue Romney chose as evidence to support his attack:
    In May, Speaker Gingrich Attacked Congressman Paul Ryan’s Plan As “Right-Wing Social Engineering”
    Uh ... isn't exactly breaking news. Either Mitt Romney has got the worst rapid response team in history or his campaign is desperate to find an issue—any issue—on which they believe they can compare favorably with Newt Gingrich.

    More importantly, in order to make this attack, Mitt Romney has now given himself ownership of the Ryan plan. On his website, he's proudly touting a quote from June in which he said he would sign the Medicare-repeal plan into law.

    Let me say that again: Mitt Romney is now one hundred percent committed to Paul Ryan's proposal to end Medicare and replace it with vouchers. Unless he manages to successfully flip-flop on that—something Democrats would be insane to allow him to do—Romney has effectively wrecked his chances of winning the White House next year.

    So when Romney's campaign goes after Gingrich's electability...

    Mitt Romney surrogates Jim Talent and John Sununu tore into Newt Gingrich on a conference call Thursday morning, calling the former House speaker too erratic and undisciplined to be the Republican nominee for president.
    Talent, the former Missouri senator and Romney adviser, as much as predicted that Gingrich would lose in a general election to President Barack Obama.

    "If the nominee is Newt Gingrich, then the election is going to be about the Republican nominee, which is exactly what the Democrats want," Talent said, per Reid Epstein. "If they can make it about the Republican nominee, then the president is going to win."

    ...the thing they are either ignoring or don't realize is that Mitt Romney just embraced the most toxic domestic policy proposal to come out of the Republican Party since George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security. And the best part of this is that because that policy is popular on the right, Romney will force Gingrich to embrace it too. It's one of the biggest political gifts to Democrats that you could possibly imagine.
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