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Thread: Does Norquist Hava Control over the Super Committee

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    Does Norquist Hava Control over the Super Committee

    BRIAN BEUTLER NOVEMBER 15, 2011, 4:52 PM 6221 76
    About a week ago, Republicans on the Super Committee offered Democrats a plan they themselves claimed would raise new tax revenues. Setting aside specifics, Democrats treated it as a crack in the dam — the first indication the GOP’s alliance with anti-tax activists was starting to crumble.

    Democrats ultimately rejected it. But so too did Grover Norquist, which suggests it really did violate his pledge (which most Republicans have taken) never to raise effective tax rates. Fast forward to Monday, Norquist told The Hill, “I’ve talked to the House leadership and the Senate leadership. They’re not going to be passing any tax increases…. If Republicans raise taxes now, they don’t win the Senate, and if Republicans raise taxes now they might not keep the House.”

    Logically, this means one of four things:
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