This is an exerpt from an article from the Huffington Post.

"We should begin blaming the GOP now for wanting to block super committee action so they can protect tax cuts for their millionaire and corporate donors and force through these disastrous trigger cuts. We need to start making it clear that Tea Party Republicansare responsible for the economic Armageddon that will come when these trigger cuts kick in. And let's not forget they are responsible for the almost trillion dollars in cuts that will be required of our defense budget too. They held our country hostage to the threat of default to force Democrats to cave to their demands, and Republicans provided the votes to pass this lousy deficit bill...and now are negotiating in bad faith to ensure the unthinkable triggers will be the best Americans can hope for."

Wow!!! One would think you'd hold this kind of deceit close to the vest.

You can read the whole plan here: