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Thread: Channel Info / Display Difference in Receivers? Especially 23, Grateful Dead Channel

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    Channel Info / Display Difference in Receivers? Especially 23, Grateful Dead Channel

    Not sure if this is the right place but here goes. Got two 2011 Fords and the internet radio XM Tuner player, all on the Sirius side of the house.

    The Fords display basic info, Artist and Song Title and that is it (maybe genre and channel name too...)

    Rented a Jeep (Chrysler) a few times - pushed the "more info" button and behold, More Information like Album Title or Concert Location and Date of Performance.

    This is important to deadheads as most GD music on the channel is live performances and I would love to know when certain versions were played in order to buy them.

    So, is there a difference is what is displayed dependent on the receiver? Is it real SIRI provided info or just bounced up against a database? I notice that a service like XMTuner tries to include more info but appears to just match song titles to album titles which is generally wrong given the many live performances.

    Thanks, its been pawing at me for a while.

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    I think it just depends how the song is put into the system. Some receivers do a better job than others when it comes to displaying the ticker but, what is in the ticker seems dependent on the song. Sometimes I see the artist and the song, sometimes I see the artist, song, and live performance location, and sometimes I see the artist, song, location, AND the date.
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