Not sure there's any point to posting here since this forum is as dead as a coffin nail, but...

I was listening to LaughUSA (channel 96) on September 28, 2011 at around 2:50 PM EST, and they were broadcasting Jackie Martling. I was surprised to hear him and at first I thought "He must have a few clean jokes...?"

But no. The jokes were typical Martling, full of cursing and everything else. I am not complaining about his material (I love blue humor), but I what I don't like is not being able to trust what content will be broadcast.

I was picking up my 8-year-old daughter from school at the time, and I'm glad she didn't hear it. I did not hear what preceded or followed Martling's material. It was either a fluke, an intentional act by a disgruntled (or idiotic) employee, or a format change.

Yes, I really did have it on 96. I quadruple-checked that it was 96/LaughUSA, and even flipped to RawDog and back. It was 96.