Moments after the NAB's attempt to derail the Sirius / Xm merger fell short, another democratic representative not concerned with high oil, a mortgage crisis, high job losses or a weak dollar has decided instead to turn his attention to a radio merger affecting less than 1 % of the US population.

Reuters reports that Rep. Edward Markey, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, said the Federal Communications Commission should go beyond requirements that FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has already proposed the agency impose on the companies.

Seemingly understanding that the merger will in fact be approved, Markey is asking for more concessions than have been agreed to already by the companies, as well as FCC Chairman Martin and Commissioner McDowell. The new push is for HD to be incorporated into all satellite radios. Mr. Markey would like to turn the United States into a Chinese state apparently, by compelling auto manufacturers to install radios of the governments choosing. There is a fundamental problem with this man and others like him running our Congress and our nation.

The people of Massachusetts should be outraged! Fortunately, it does appear that these communistic demands will not be considered in light of the fact that open access will provide the market with an opportunity to decide if it wants HD radio. We the people, do not need a government ordering us what to listen to.