Has anyone noticed that the people that say, people are nuts for investing in satellite radio, that we are speculating to much, and it has no future. Yet they are the first ones to jumb on the band wagan about how internet radio will replace satellite radio. Excuse me, but is internet radio even exist as a viable business yet. If I recall most of them were saying the new royalty increases would make it impossible for them to stay in busuness. That is the first problem they are dealing with now. Not to mention how to keep a signal in a moving car. I mean wouldn't it be wise to at least figure out these basic problems before they start to use it as a reasonable replacement, to satellite radio. At least then the big question can be looked at which is who pays for the cost to put internet into cars. Hell they cant even find companies anymore to replace the ones that pulled out of the original deals, to help cities pay for WiFi being put all over the big cities (their excuses were that the cost was to great for the return). Now I am not saying that internet radio in cars will not happen on a wide scale. What I am saying is it is still way to early to be saying it will replace anything at this point.