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    Ideologues like S&L...... lmfao. i know this hurts but you asked for it.

    Tell me Siriusly WRONG if Peter Schiff was right about any of these things. Thanks. You can duck and hide but the FACTS will follow you around.

    From Wikipedia:

    In a 2002 interview with Southland Today, Schiff predicted that the economic downturn triggered by the bursting of the stock market bubble would lead to a bear market likely to last "another 5 to 10 years."[35][36] In November 2002, US stocks began a bull market uptrend which held steady for at least five years,[37] until reversing course in 2008, when the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 began a decline to less than half of their peak 2008 values,[38] followed in 2009 by the Dow climbing 61% from its low point over the following year.[39] After interviewing Schiff in 2009, journalist and finance author Eric Tyson, referenced various Schiff predictions during the 2000s and stated that "On all of these counts, Schiff wasn't just wrong but ended up being hugely wrong.
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