The channel set-aside or channel-lease proposals are insufficient, and they fail to cure the harms or create a competitive market for satellite radio service. Mandatory replacement of all subscriber receivers with interoperable receivers and full divestiture of an entire satellite system are wholly justified by the facts in the record of this proceeding.
I wish Martin would come out with a press release stating "The issue of satellite radio, and competition was resolved by the Department of Justice." Or I wish the DOJ would speak up. I'm sure they love a bunch of NAB funded ass-clown law students questioning them and their staffs conclusion.

Now they don't even want a 25 percent lease, they want a 100% divestiture of not only the spectrum, but an entire constellation of satellites. But before you hand over the technology to someone else, make sure you reach into your pocket and make the radios compatible so that your new competitor has the opportunity to poach market share on your dime.

Does C3SR really think anyone takes such outlandish suggestions seriously? If they are so educated you would think that they would understand their relentless aggression and absurdly one sided suggestions hurt their credibility. Not to mention the constant flip flopping to grab hold to whoever they see might have a chance of getting an argument heard (Georgetown).