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    I have to say, if there is one good thing that has come from this delay, it would have to be the exposure. Weaher that would have come anyway, is the question, I will let you answer. There is one thing that is clear, satellite radio has some of the most interesting blogs, boards, and sites around. What I do find interesting is that the people that denigrate the stock and the product spend so much time talking about it. I can only say if they denigrate it so much they must not own it. So why spend so much time on it. I have alot of other investments and I can tell you nowhere else, do you find this kind of time spent. I am guilty myself of this. I dont even know how I got suck in. The fact is, I was. I cant help but think, this can only be a good sign for the satellite radio sector.

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    I agree there are a lot of great sites out there, and people have obviously put a lot of their time into the maintenance of them.... Even long before the merger process even began.

    As far as the people who hang around the internet denigrating the technology. There are a lot of disenchanted former investors who lost a lot of money when the wind left the sails of satellite radio back in the day. Wouldn't you be pissed? And also, judging from the immaturity in the way some of these people present themselves, I would argue a lot of them "prey" on the popularlity of the satellite radio companies as of late. (The same reason people spam the Yahoo board, they can hit the largest group) Being in the news so often, they know they are going to have an audience if they come online to investor message boards. Who better to upset than people who are frusterated with a long drawn out merger? If any of you follow Ryan's Orbitcast, there is a particularly irritating scumbag who keep posting rediculous comments about HD radio and referring to Mel by his legal name.

    I hope that the interest and following that it has generated online in these communities carries through to the marketplace. This really is a pivotal point in the history of satellite radio. This is where the technology gets a new life and a new direction, or it slowling sinks.

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    A lot of those people are retail shorts too, the kinds that think their efforts on an internet message board will influence the PPS. I can't recall a stock ever getting dragged through the mud with quite the veracity and intensity of this one.

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    Welcome to the twilight zone....modern version!

    Did you ever see the episode where William Shatner was in the diner and he kept feeding coins into that fortune telling machine????

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    I agree that the exposure has been great, I wonder just how great it will be when the final decision is announced. Will the media pump it for a day and let it go or will this be the talk on the street for weeks?

    I personally know people who are waiting for a ruling on this merger before they purchase a new unit. I wonder just how many people out there have been waiting or are now waiting after being turned on to SATRAD because of all this merger hype.

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