Thanks for the continuing coverage CRF.

Clearly a ridiculous argument that if was a major concern to the FCC would have been addressed a long time ago, with the introduction of the technology. Hey let's also go after XM radio for providing traffic and weather on their spectrum.

Additionally, I'm not sure why the feel they need our spectrum to compete. The FCC has the other half of the spectrum out there. Give it to Georgetown, let them launch satellites and... oh wait. We lost them already? That's because they realized that spectrum and infrastructure costs money and they just want to make money off other peoples investments. Gimme gimme.

As far as the argument of them needing to lease our spectrum to offer immediate competition without having to build and launch satellites:
  1. Whats the timetable for getting your own?
  2. Do we really need to go over this competition argument again, its getting old.