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Thread: In 2008 Ron Paul Named Peter Schiff as His Economic Advisor

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    In 2008 Ron Paul Named Peter Schiff as His Economic Advisor

    Ahhhhhh NOW it all makes sense. Siriusly Long has been awfully quiet about all the things i have shown
    Mr. Schiff (his favorite economist) to be wrong about, and now it turns out that he was an economic advisor to Ron Paul who S&L is seriously considering supporting for President. Scares the hell out of me that Ron Paul thinks that highly of Mr. Schiff.

    What is also amusing is that it turns out that Peter Schiff appeared often on Glenn Beck.
    Despite Siriusly longs extensive knowledge of Peter Schiff he just today tried to claim he has no idea
    who the hell Glenn Beck is (except that i have mentioned him). Something smells awfullly fishy around here. lol

    Peter Schiff Named Economic Advisor To Ron Paul Campaign
    January 25th, 2008 8:32 pm | by Marc Gallagher

    Peter Schiff, the author of “Crashproof” and the President of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., has been named as an Economic Advisor to the Ron Paul campaign for President. I’ve listened to him on FOX Business Channel and he is a REGULAR guest on GLENN BECK'S SHOW.
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    Sorry for the double post.

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    The only thing that smells fishy is your breath

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    How's Schiff doing this year on his predictions? Now THATS funny.

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    Still no acknowledgement of how off he has been? I quess Austrian economic theory cant be right all the time. LOL.

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