In a commentary type of article, Michael Hartlieb (who seems to be an NAB or C3SR mole) complains a lot in an article published by seeking alpha. The guy is apparently stuck in a thinking process that just doesn't work. It almost seems as if a year and a half into the merger, that he is looking for support of his irrational thinking.

He claims to be a shareholder, yet consistantly stands in the way of the Sirius / Xm merger being approved. He claims that Sirius and Xm have refused to answer interoperability issues, then goes on to explain that they did in fact answer. Apparently, he just didn't like the answer.

He goes on to cite the interoperability issue using Nascar as an example. He comes to the false conclusion that that a consumer who had xm would not have had to switch radios, programming and services if interoperable radios were available. Wrong Mr. would have had to switch services. In fact, the merger is the only way to AVOID switching services...that's the whole point of why the merger is good for consumers.

This NAB mole seeks to start a fire of opposition by making the preposturous proposal that all current subscribers will be forced to go out and buy new radios...Honestly, I can't believe seeking alpha published this commentary. The only reason I mention it here, is because it seems they are fishing for supporters. Someone wants our opinion. So .. I ask that you give your opinion to them.. I did.