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Thread: Poll: Majority Want Tax Increase for Wealthy and Deep Spending Cuts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    I asked if you were in FAVOR of raising the tax rate for the wealthy. You know IN FAVOR? or are you
    just going to say " i dont give a shit about taxing the rich" and then complain about people who are in favor of raising the tax rate the rich. lmfao

    You are a real piece of work. It seems clear to me that raising taxes on the wealthy
    is somehting that you deep down oppose.
    Hence your criticism of progressive tax rate.

    Let me quess? You are for the flat tax? Is that CORRECT?

    To blame public policy for gutting the middle class is pure demagoguery. Listen to Nouriel
    Roubini talk about this. Obviously you are going to disagree with him but....
    I find it immoral to suggest that another pay more or less. It would be hypocritical of me to say that I want to pay less taxes then say I "favor" more taxes for someone else. I'll speak only for myself; as it should be. If the liberal "rich" want to contribute, they can. Hell, I'm half tempted to cut the government a check so I can say that I did and laugh at you and your tax accountant even more.

    I leave the hypocracy for you.

    Just because I note that the liberal / left mechanism is demogoguery doesn't mean you have to use the term as well.

    Public policy IS gutting the middle class. $50000 a year over 10 years is $500,000. My net worth isn't that much, and won't be given that I'm raising two children.
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