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Thread: No Vote Tonight on Boehner Bill

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    No Vote Tonight on Boehner Bill

    Despite what Siriusly Long said 4 or 5 hours earlier (i couldnt help rubbing it in) there was never and will NOT be a vote tonight.

    07:36 PM PDT
    No vote tonight on Boehner's bill
    byKaili Joy Gray
    After all that pizza and promises of gutting Pell grants, John Boehner still hasn't managed to bribe enough Republicans to vote on his bill. Via TPM:

    House Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) just announced there will be no vote tonight on the Boehner debt bill.
    A remarkable turn of events. Simply no reason for Boehner to bring up his own bill if it was doomed to fail, and clearly it was.

    Despite a lot of confident talk from Boehner and his leadership team, it appears they never had the votes.

    Tune in tomorrow for more Republican nihilism fun ...
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    Have they voted yet S&L? Seriosly where did you get the news that they passed the House bill yesterday?

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    Too much multitasking. I should stick to what I'm really good at - my job and exposing you as a right wing tea partier based on your strong desire to pay as little tax as possible:0


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    where did you hear about them passing it?

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    1 AT 08:26 AM PDT
    Boehner turns to Balanced Budget Amendment to save his job
    byJoan McCarter
    Apparently Speaker John Boehner thinks he can find salvation in the Balanced Budget Amendment, tying that fetish of the teabagger Republicans in the House to the debt ceiling.

    Reports are now saying there would be a temporary hike in the debt ceiling now, and then tie passage of the BBA to approval of the second round of funding.

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    Never mind that the Balanced Budget Amendment will never pass in the Senate. And that it's pretty unlikely he'll get any Democrats to vote for this. He's just trying to save his job.

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

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    Practically Delusional
    David Kurtz | July 29, 2011, 11:08AM

    Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

    Just minutes after President Obama urged the parties to come together and avert this default crisis, things are actually going backwards in the House. And in pretty incredible fashion.

    To secure enough votes from his own members for his plan, Speaker Boehner is amending it to basically turn it into Cut, Cap, and Balance Lite.

    Here's the key new provision that is apparently going to win enough GOP votes to pass the bill:

    The debt ceiling would be raised immediately but not by enough to get the government through next year. To get the second debt ceiling increase, House Republicans want a balanced budget constitutional amendment to pass both chambers first and be referred to the states.

    Never going to happen, but that's where we are. It makes you wonder if there's any compromise plan that can get through this House. That's why, even though my gut says there's no way the U.S. is stupid enough to default, I still can't see a clear, viable way out of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    where did you hear about them passing it?
    MSNBC lol....

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    Y | #
    Kerry: 'We Can't Wait On The House Anymore,' Dem Changes 'Sensible'
    Sen. John Kerry just told reporters that the Senate Democrats will have a proposal that "reflects a lot of Republican ideas that would be genuinely bipartisan."

    "Regardless of what the House does, if the House votes, we'll vote on what the House does, but we can't wait on the House anymore," Kerry said. "We need to proceed."

    "The markets are beginning to react obviously, the stakes are simply too high. I think there is a bipartisan path forward, I really believe that. If reasonable heads prevail, and I hope they will, we'll be able to send something over to the House that will be a real solution to America's fiscal crisis."

    "I think it's up to Sen. Reid to lay out to you the changes... but I think there's sensible."

    "I think this is an important point -- Speaker Boehner is struggling to get Republican votes for his Republican plan. Harry Reid is trying to get Republican votes for his Democratic plan. We're not struggling on the Democratic side. There's a civil war going on in the Republican Party."

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    Looks like House bill might pass today in altered form. One day after S&L swore it had passed. Lol
    S&L: You cant believe his "facts".

    Rules Committee To Hold Emergency Meeting On Boehner Debt Limit Bill
    Top News Fri. 12:06 PM — The House Rules Committee will hold an emergency meeting Friday at 12:50 p.m. ET on Speaker Boehner's debt limit bill. Read more

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