Putting the Plans Together
With increasing recognition that neither the Boehner or Reid debt reduction plans can pass both houses of Congress, the Wall Street Journal reports the White House is "crafting alternatives that could be finalized over the weekend and put to a vote Monday or Tuesday."

"They are trying to develop alternatives combining elements of the Boehner and Reid proposals and another from Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) so each can claim a measure of victory. The blend could include caps on appropriated spending, a congressional commission to offer further deficit-reduction and a McConnell-style 'disapproval mechanism.'"

Meanwhile, First Read says "the odds that the White House could sign a short-term debt extension (by 10 days or so) are MUCH more likely. It's clear that everyone needs more time. Folks, this isn't speculation; this is a whisper that is growing louder among the players involved."