I have had a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner in my car for about 6 years. I am now selling the car. My first thought was that I need to take this tuner out of the car so that I can put it in whichever car I buy next.

The tuner is a "SIR-PNR2" model. I don't even know if they are still made or sold. But my question is, can this model even be used in another vehicle? It appears this model may have been geared toward Pioneer radios, which is the aftermarket radio in my car. The chances of a Pioneer radio being in my next car are very slim. So would I still be able to use it with any radio in a different car?

If anyone knows the answer and can help me out it would be much appreciated. If I need to remove this tuner than I need to do it soon. And then I hope I can remember how to connect the radio back the correct way.

Or it may be that it isn't even worth it to remove it, that I could get a replacement tuner for a new vehicle for $50 or so. I have no idea, I haven't looked into that, but that would be helpful to know as well if someone knows the answer to that.

Thanks in advance for the help!