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Thread: Netflix fake outrage?

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    Netflix fake outrage?

    I am curious if people think if Netflix is a relatively good value at $16 per month? I understand being mad at a price hike but, if the service was previously $14 per month, would a $2 increase be so bad? The price hike is only high because the deal has quite literally been too good to be true for years.

    $40 for internet, $80 for cable, $80 for a smartphone but, $16 for unlimited streaming and 8 dvd's per month is an outrage? My comcast bill is $5+ PER DAY!

    Am I the only one who thinks this is being blown out of proportion?

    BTW: I will probably be dropping streaming in favor of DVD only so, my bill will go from $10 to $8 per month. As soon as they offer more streaming, I will drop the DVD service so, in the end, my bill is cheaper either way.
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    Outrage is definitely too strong of an word. They made a financial decision and as a result their customers will have to make a financial decision.

    As it stands now, I will drop the DVD service in favor of the streaming service. The DVD service is not a good deal for me as I rarely watch the DVDs right away and often don't send them back for a few more days. I can watch the streaming anytime on my iphone, iPad, PC and ocassionally on TV so it gets used more often even if the movie selection is more limited.

    It is still a good deal for my retired mother, who turns the DVDs around immediately and watches the streaming movies on her Roku.
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    Have you seen their Facebook page comments and various other social media streams? Outrage is definitely the right word. I agree that it is as simple as they made a decision and now we have to make a decision but, other people seem to be losing their minds over this.
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