I am curious if people think if Netflix is a relatively good value at $16 per month? I understand being mad at a price hike but, if the service was previously $14 per month, would a $2 increase be so bad? The price hike is only high because the deal has quite literally been too good to be true for years.

$40 for internet, $80 for cable, $80 for a smartphone but, $16 for unlimited streaming and 8 dvd's per month is an outrage? My comcast bill is $5+ PER DAY!

Am I the only one who thinks this is being blown out of proportion?

BTW: I will probably be dropping streaming in favor of DVD only so, my bill will go from $10 to $8 per month. As soon as they offer more streaming, I will drop the DVD service so, in the end, my bill is cheaper either way.