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Thread: Siri Stock Thread July 2011

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    Siri Stock Thread July 2011

    I see Tyler has some news on the OEM front and it looks to be good for the subcriber count front. If Tyler is correct and they get anywhere near that 1,053,000 then I feel safe in saying that they will get (at least) 315,000 subs for the quarter. Always remember I am giving you a base line number and while there are subtractions that will have to be added in, the additions that I dont account for will almost always more then make up for any of those subtrations in subs such as a, higher churn will be cancelled out by retail.

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    Where is everyone? Getting ready for next week?

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    Vacation? That is where I was last week.

    Has anyone notice a difference in site performance or are you guys still running into slowness issues?
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    fine here. Looks like every one has left the building. Maybe August will bring them out of the woodworks.

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    Where's Howie?

    No time for promo pic?

    Howie too busy counting money?

    Frear f-ing with Howie just cuz he can?

    Poor Howie, poor-poor Howie . . . No more face of the franchise Howie?

    Goodbye Howie.
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    Have you read the motion's going back and forth? Howard is claiming that he is due compensation because he was a "partner". I hope SIRI gets their summary judgement. Enough is enough.

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