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Agreed but... so what? No one (relatively) listens to Blogtalkradio. Again, there is a huge barrier to create something worth listening to.

There is zero barrier for me to create a search engine. ZERO. Competing with Google and Bing is another story. Barrier to entry is a red herring. The real issue is cost to compete.
LOL Sure. Right. Google makes billions, Pandora makes NOTHING! Great analogy. Turntable.fm with its shoestring budget could conceivably beat Pandora in a year or 2. Really! So can Spotify and a thousand others internet music companies on the horizon. There is no barrier to entry and that is why nobody has made money at it 17 years. Believe me after Turntable and Spotify hit big there will be the next round to beat them. So far nobody has made a business out of it. Google is one of the biggest businesses in the world. Pandora hasn't made a dime. Silly analogy.