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Thread: White square in the middle of stittleto 2?

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    White square in the middle of stittleto 2?

    I've got a white square in the middle of my stittleto 2 i cant do anything any suggestions

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    Im new here as well. Ive had rheumatoid arthritis since before I turned 1 and do the prednisone treatments frequently for flareups. Itll be good when you get wiened off it, taking it long term (or even short term but frequently like me) can cause a lot of side effects down the road. Back when I was younger on prednisone, the docs didnt have enough research to know you had to wein off of it or a flare up would just kick in again so I had hell until they found that out and can take it much less than I used to which still goes into a few weeks a month. Glad to hear you are close to remission. Keep doing what you are doing, sounds like you are on the right track with a nasty disease. Best of luck.

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