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Thread: Senate Dems Distance Themselves from the Obama Agenda

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    Senate Dems Distance Themselves from the Obama Agenda

    Is this true?

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    Yep, she was able to name six whole Dems for her "
    Senate Dems Distance Themselves from the Obama Agenda" story. All reliable Blue Dogs since, like, forever. What a hack.


    Not to mention, zero digging into policy details, or the reasons why people might have different views. Nope, it's 100% horse race, all the time.

    That in itself is a victory for the no-policy party.


    Kevin Groenhagen

    Why, yes, whenever I read one of her pieces it becomes obvious to me that she merely repeats GOP talking points. Why, every writer on Swampland does.


    Let's be fair to JNS here! She's not just parroting Republican talking points! I'm sure she also checked with the American Bankers Association for addiitional guidance.

    JNS, how about a post on Evan Bayh's incredicble hypocrisy in criticizing Washington culture and then signing up with the US Chamber of Commerce?

    How about we talk about the corrupting influence of money in Washington? Or are you next? I'm sure the CoC needs another "public affairs" person.....


    Apparently another repuke leaning site used as 'evidence'. See posts by readers above. Of course, there were positive comments. I read them. Had they had merit, I would have reproduced them.

    ...and you do that ALL the time.
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    So I take it that you believe it's not true? Politics, politics, politics..................

    You know, you really have to hand it to "liberals". If in fact, only 22% of the voters identify themselves as liberals, that small faction really has gotten a lot of results.

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    All you do is quote simplistic bullshit!

    That percentage is phony.

    There are dozens of ways and reasons and factors that go into knowing the who, what, and why of anything. Apparently, you are completely incapable of any understanding of that, which was proven more than a year ago and obviously continues. No growth there. Only 'facts' that suit your bias.

    The mind of a conservative ideologue is a dead swamp. Fetid and lifeless.

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    All I did is ask if an article was true. I don't follow the democratic party, or the republicans for that matter. The question marks are there, with no edits to note.

    If the percentage is phony, do you have a better number? I'd like to know.

    "who, what and why of anything" - can you be a little more specific?

    Let's be real here for once. I would argue that you and your brother are far more of an idealogue than I will ever be. You are bound, arrogantly, I might add to ONE ideology. You believe you are absolutely correct, and there are no other answers to any of the problems we (collectively) have. It's amusing that you continue to cite things like "no growth here", and pretty dumb too. I personally have "grown" a lot from my discussion with you and your brother. You don't care though because in your absolute world, you are "in" or you are "out". For all the "factors" you think you believe in, shades of gray are either black or white.

    You are a decent guy. I don't know if you are a productive citizen, but you are seemingly well read with some good taste in music. It is hard though to make company with someone so absolute with such rigid ideology. Most can deal with it as long as they know the rules of your game.

    I'll bump the Japan thread to honor your wishes, and avoid being called another name lol.

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