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Thread: Lost signal in Florida

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    Unhappy Lost signal in Florida

    Is anyone aware of any problems with the Sirius XM terrestrial signal in Florida? I have been operating my radio in south west Orange county, Florida for several years inside a building relying solely on the terrestrial signal and have always received a maximum strength signal, even indoors. On May 16, the terrestrial signal completely dropped out and has not returned since. I have taken my radio to other parts of Florida and verified that I receive a terrestrial signal even inside buildings. There seems to be a region in south west Orange county, Florida where the terrestrial signal has completely disappeared. I have verified this by driving around Orlando and monitoring the signal strength on the radio in my car. If I go even 15 miles away, the signal returns. I am wondering why the terrestrial signal has disappeared in my area. I called customer service and all they try to do is refresh my radio. Someone finally admitted that there were repeater outages in Florida, but they now say that they have been fixed. Is anyone else having trouble receiving a terrestrial signal in Florida, especially in the Orlando area?
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