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Thread: Backseat TV questions...

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    Backseat TV questions...


    I just bought a 2011 Dodge Caravan that the dealer thought was Backseat TV ready. Was given instructional booklet that describes the services and was told to call the number to activate.

    However, Sirius is telling me that they need a video esn (or esin). One is not present on the system. The dealership is at a loss at the moment. Sirius is doesn't know what to say.

    The system "number" is 0203 (I think this is a model number, pressed "System Setup" button on screen).

    Is Backseat TV still available for new 2011 vehicles? Does the system even support it? The dealership is ready to kill someone at sirius.. this vehicle was supposed to be ready to go. Has drop down screens and remote and all. plays DVDs great.

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    Have you tried using the VIN number to activate it?
    The ESNs are tied to the VIN number.

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