I see all sorts of groups crying about HD radio's inclusion into satellite radios. But has anyone seen any sort of discussion beyond that, ie. who is going to foot the bill for it? Especially if open access is imposed upon the combined company, doesn't it become a moot point? Its out of satellite radio's hands at that point, if you want to take up HD inclusion with radio manufacturers, that's a whole new battle.

And I'm surprised that no one (at least in the public spotlight) has brought to the attention of the FCC the hypocrisy of demanding HD inclusion into the satellite radios, without demanding satellite inclusion into all terrestrial radios going forward. Especially since, let's face it, they are the far more established technology.

Why didn't we force the consumer to purchase expensive dual function VHS and Betamax players? Let's make Nintendo include Playstation compatibility in their new Wii release. It give's them more choice and a 50 pound game console. Oh that's right, people pick what they want, and if they want both, they buy em separately.

Pioneer is the only group I've seen with the balls to call it like it is.