My main-man Socal was also in excellent form . . . blue T with white lettering, shades-down and sporting the Steve Prefontaine look . . . with a couple weeks training, I betcha socal could lace-up his Oregon Waffles and still go out and turn-in a 1:48 half. The guy is an animal!

What I can't figure out is how the hell you have the time to post with all that coin you have to enjoy life with! Nice buys SRK. Oops maybe this is a different thread. Hey I posted at KOAT the day Rick said he was gone forever...........LMFAO!!! I mean really. How many times can relmor and nitwit (not you johnny), post back and forth to each other.

Truth is at the end of the day a few posters carry the thread, and the rest sort of make it some part of their individual game. I think they all suck (sites that it) to be honest. Just being real. However, there are many people that I have found interesting to meet and read. It's just that the few overcome the rest.

So here is the deal. Hats off to those that continue to live the dream. The core group seems to just keep getting stronger. I myself seem completely occupied with carrying my last teenager over the graduation line. It's like really!!! Theres nothing left in the store and the cupboards are bare.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to anyone who actually reads this thread. Nice to see you SRK. And Julie. Yes. How's the friggen weather? And hopeful, sell any friggen cars this year? Eh? And honestly havashit and dumbshitter are right. Koat didn't follow through. Where the hell is the candyass candleman. Is he still giving money to charity, cause my college account needs some. Oh and to Bill on marketwatch. Lady Gaga should have you jerking the chain on a daily basis about now.

Catch you all later. Stay cool. socal.

P.S. I think a threesome with Julie and Sherry would be a good day. Just saying..........