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    My Trip to KOAT
    by SRK

    I was snooping around at the KOAT site the other day. Unless you are a registered user, getting any damn information out of that site is like trying to break-in to Fort Knox . . . tried all different ways to break-in . . . couldn't get squat. Had to wade through all kinds of friggin ads before I could even see an index.

    Did stumble on a nice photo montage that shows pictures of various members of the posting community . . . amazing how people never look like how you imagine them from reading their posts.

    My good friend Johnnyirish for example was looking rather dapper in a fawn green polo shirt, sunglasses hanging from his open collar, black baseball cap with white logo, nicely trimmed goatee . . . pic no doubt taken at a Lehigh Valley Golf Course.

    My main-man Socal was also in excellent form . . . blue T with white lettering, shades-down and sporting the Steve Prefontaine look . . . with a couple weeks training, I betcha socal could lace-up his Oregon Waffles and still go out and turn-in a 1:48 half. The guy is an animal!

    Then there's my pal Hopeful . . . that kid's got Hollywood-Type good looks (not that I swing that way mind you; just an objective observation). Chiseled jaw, cool shades, nicely tanned . . . young, smart, good-looking and on the way to his first-million . . the total package ladies!

    The End
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