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Thread: SiriusXM Phasing out XM?

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    SiriusXM Phasing out XM?

    I have been a XM subscriber for over 9 years now. I recently traded in my Truck which had an aftermarket XM radio installed. In my new car Sirius was installed. So I called SiriusXM and attempted to have my service transferred to the new radio. But it was nothing short of a fiasco, My XM account was cancelled online user id for that account is useless. I was then set up with a Sirius account. I now pay about $5 more a month and get less channels, specifically a few of the talk channels that I frequently listened to. Being rather annoyed I have decided to try to go back to XM by installing an aftermarket Navigation radio in the car, however it seems most if not all head units today only allow for Sirius receivers if you want full integration into the head unit. If you want XM you are being forced to use a portable radio installed through the AUX input.

    So my two questions are:

    IS SiriusXM trying to Phase out the XM brand?

    and does anyone know of a in Dash Navigation head unit that allows for full integration of XM radio?

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    Neither brand is trying to phase out the other.

    As far as an in Dash Navigation goes, it would all depend on your vehicle. Crutchfield has a nice "what fits my car" type tool.
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    I was comparing the channel line up and noted that there seems to be significantly more channels on XM radio than Sirius, but yet many are the same. The channels that are on XM that are missing on Sirius look very interesting, and it is a shame that they are not available on Sirius.
    If as the poster said that it is impossible to find a new vehicle with XM equipment, wouldn't that be the same thing as drying up XMs potential customer base. It seems the only advantage XM has over Sirius might be the additional channels and maybe the different sports on one vs the other. There might be some technical differences, but that is beyond my knowledge.

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