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Thread: Anyone having issues with sound 'skipping' ?

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    Hearing it today on Classic Vinyl using my TTR1.

    I listened to The Spectrum last night for about an hour, and it was fine.

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    Exclamation It's Sirius' Fault

    I hear the dropping out on Boneyard only. I brought up the signal meter and I am pegged at signal strength and it still occurs. I am not sure how to advise a tech?? It is not your equipment!

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    How can it be everyone's equipment ?

    Quote Originally Posted by curt View Post
    I hear the dropping out on Boneyard only. I brought up the signal meter and I am pegged at signal strength and it still occurs. I am not sure how to advise a tech?? It is not your equipment!

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    Guys, simply send an e-mail to Sirius telling them you are aware and unhappy of the problem. They cannot ignore it. Call them if you like. Complain. You are paying for a service, and it isn't right. Let them know. It's an old adage, but the squeeking wheel gets the grease.

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    I was just talking to someone that actually works for Sirius ( not a tech support drone ) , he was telling me that they are certainly aware of the issue and whats happening . He said they were testing different things but so far were unable to pinpoint whats causing it. So , it's definitely not our equipment
    Just thought you'd all like to know . Have a good holiday weekend down there .

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    If i had a lifetime to write the issues we've encountered, i'd start a new Michener novel. Unfortunately Sirius started out really good in 2006 then when they had the idea to join with XM; well that is when the party started. Not so much. We have had 3 different vehicles; the silverado that started with the Sirius JUST sirius did great. Then we bought a new silverado with the new radio and navigation system; both suck by the way; and we ended up getting the antenna booster for the radio -well that still hasn't worked; we've been down to the dealer 4 different times; which mind you in our town it's a 4 hour round trip tour; not a jot down to the even have someone (which took several calls in as I was constantly being transferred to the camel folks; finally got a great Canadian and he said to pull the fuse out; well we did that and it worked for a while; but now the new truck's radio is having issues; just bought a brand new car; oh joy it has xm and we are in Washington State right now; and the service absolutely sucks; you get to singing, and poof; you are singing with the radio-flea-races It sucks. We've been totally screwed by having signed up with Sirius to get the new SIRIUS/XM. They can have that service back; as for the internet ever since sirius swapped and joined XM i've never been able to use the radio on the internet account.

    So, I just go to Pandora. Keep it up Sirius and you may find yourself all alone in a very quiet world; thanks to your service.

    Until Corporate America figures out that the old farts may have known what they were really doing. Really they did; you might have more followers; but keep continually getting greedy and keep continually trying to change something that actually works - you will continue to get the same scratching the head methods; huh, wonder what happened, why did they desert us.

    Fact of the matter is - unfortunately you've received your monies from us and customer service is indeed a ghost of the past.

    Well, keep on testing me - we'll see who's ghost is doing what. Go Pandora!

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    Glad to see it isn't just me as well. I have had the problem for the last week now... on 3 different radios (Sirius Sportster 5, Audiovox XPressEZ (XM) and a factory Sirius unit in a '11 BMW). Luckily I had another radio to compare to before I began ripping apart the wiring on my docked stereos. I have heard these skips on a bunch of the stations this week and they are definitely annoying.

    Until this, never had a problem with their service (then again, SWFL is nice and flat with mostly palms and small trees).

    Edit: I just realized that this post is in the Internet radio section even though it applies to the sat-signal radios - Google search brought me over here. Either way, this is good info for others who find this the same way I did.
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    No, you're not the only one with skipping transmission issues. It happens on my portable boom box AND my online broadcast. (it's happening as I type this and it's driving me nuts. I have to shut it off) So it's not a loose wire or anything mechanical on our end. To be more specific, it's a break in the transmission stream (just did it again.) I live in Los Angeles, am not mobile, clear skies and am presently listening to Deep Tracks. It never did this with the old web interface. Maybe that has something to do with it. The interface sucks for a few reasons. No user ID memory,etc.

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    I checked out Boneyard today. I was hearing 750millisecond drop outs on a very regular basis. I had not heard dropouts of this length before, but when I switched over to Deep Tracks a heard at least a half second drop out. Before, I was hearing a skipping type sound. Something has gotten worse in the last few days.

    Now here's a thought. Sirius obviously knows about this and it has been going on for at least a week now. It's a big problem. So why haven't they fixed it? Maybe they can't fix it because the problem is 20,000 miles above the earth on the satellite itself. If that's the case, I'd dump any Sirius stock right now, before they take a couple hundred million dollar hit putting a replacement satellite in orbit.

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    They have 3 birds up there already . This problem has been reported across the USA and Canada now , so it has to be when it's broadcast TO the sats themselves. I'm assuming they have three running to make sure coverage is good across NA . IF it were a particular sat then only us in that coverage area would be getting the skips . This started about a month ago for me , it was so infrequent then I never really paid attention . Its just gotten far worse in the last 2 weeks for me . I hope they ARE working on this . If I wanted skips in my music I would have installed a turntable in my truck

    Sirius XM Sats >

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