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Thread: Doing your part help to get THE BONEYARD back on track!!

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    Doing your part help to get THE BONEYARD back on track!!

    Hello, everyone. Many listeners have clearly been unhappy with the unimaginative, limited and narrow programming on THE BONEYARD (Channel 38) since the merger between XM and SIRIUS. Joining the campaign to turn things back around on THE BONEYARD is easy, fast and free! Take a moment to click on the link below. Read and sign the petition and then pass the link along on all of the social networks in which you participate. Let's make this once unique and exciting station a pleasure to listen to again!

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    I signed. I doubt it'll work Every music channel has become limited, dull and unimaginative. Every music channel goes by a 12 hour rotation. The problem with Sirius/XM is that it's run and programmed by people who's sole inspiration is the amount of money they can drain their subscribers out of.

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