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Thread: Sirius radio with NO head unit

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    Sirius radio with NO head unit

    I only listen to Sirius in the car. Can I just wire in power to the car unit, and attach a line-out mini-jack to RCA cable, and then attach that to a 12 volt audio amp, which then attaches to the speakers? I don't need a radio/CD etc player at all. And about how long could I run the wire from the Sirius unit to the amp (an advantage over the radios is that I could place the amp elsewhere?

    Any recommended units? I have very modest speakers, so just want something reliable.


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    I don't see why you couldn't. The Sirius receiver puts out audio just like anything else and an amp receives audio in just like anything else.

    You should be able to run a length of rca cable from the Sirius unit just like you would a regular radio. You are always best off with as short as possible.
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