Hello. Can anyone tell me where I can get support with the Sirius XM iPhone app? "Support" link on the app page at the iPhone store does not take me to anything helpful. Calling Sirius customer support connects me to people who have zero idea what I am talking about. Does support exist for this software?

The two issues I am seeing are:

Constantly disconnected saying I'm "logged in elsewhere". I am not. When this happens I can't just go back to my desktop and click the icon again, like used to work with the old version of the app. I have to explicitly kill the app process on my phone and restart it and reenter my login and password, or it just hangs at the white "checking credentials" screen forever. Super annoying and not something I feel I should be paying monthly to deal with.

Also, the volume used to stay on when I would lock my screen or go to another app (it would play in the background). It no longer does that. If I try to lock my screen to prevent accidental pushing of buttons, the volume fades out. Same if I click back to my desktop to check email. This "feature" never existed before and I am not enjoying it. I cannot find an option to change this behavior.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.