I think I just buried Georgetown once and for all!

I want everyone to look at this. I don't want to interject my opinion until everyone is on the same page! Please read!


and just so you don't think its a waste of time...here's a taste..

A year ago, Jackson led a delegation of African-American businessmen, including Sutton and Jackson's son Jonathan, on a trip to three African countries to promote telecommunications partnerships. Rainbow-PUSH passed out brochures introducing Jackson's friend Sutton as an owner of radio stations interested in starting cellular telephone businesses in Africa. The brochures introduced Jonathan Jackson as the representative of Davenport's company, Georgetown Partners.
...Jackson is lobbying CBS and Viacom to sell Viacom's UPN network to Davenport or to another minority businessman such as Jackson's close friend Percy Sutton.[5] Jackson brought both men and a Hispanic businessman to a meeting with CBS chairman Mel Karmazin.