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Thread: Piggyback on Tylers blog post...

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    Piggyback on Tylers blog post...

    It seems to me that Georgetown is trying to get into a new negotiation that does not deal with black ownership and now is focusing its attention on latino ownership, as they must see massive dollars in the latino market. Sirius and xm obviously have a plan to bring in more latino subscribers, which by neccessity would require additional latino offerings, seeing as they asked for Puerto Rico broadcast rights. It was suggested on a message board that Sirius and Xm should partner with entravision and cut out Georgetown all together.

    Sirius and Xm may already have a similar plan, possibly with univision, whose broadcast chart looks eerily similar to sirius' own channel charts, or another spanish broadcast partner. Sirius did not ask for Puerto Rico without a reason or a plan.

    Of course this scenario would be good news for the company going forward. We all know the latino market in the US is growing by leaps and bounds. Not to mention that more latino programming would open up the doors to sirius-mexico.

    The population of puerto rico is only 3,944,259...The potential subscriber base from just P.R. is not worth the trouble of adding more latino programming. Use that as a springboard however to reach the 35 million latinos living in the US (legally) which is expected to reach 150 million by 2050, and the 108,700,891 population of mexico, and now you have a true growth vehicle..

    - New York State Federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce met with Tate.
    - The Latino Coalition met with Tate

    Both urged prompt approval of the merger, and as I one wants the merger unless they reap a reward from it.
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