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we're still here bro . . we were just waiting for you to check in!

Tyler had a good day reporting today . . . time for us in the forums to work-up some due diligence on Robert Michael Shenk


Just who is this Robert Michael Shenk?
You mean Robert Michael Skank, and to answer your question, he's with the NAB lol. Nice tactic, death by pinpricks, or better yet, how about some trivia? What band exclaimed, " an inch an hour two feet a day". I think think it is a stumper.

All the Sirius sites are slower than the good old (bad) days - we are all a little richer and less concerned. Now some of us just simply argue politics. Oh what fun that is.

I'm half tempted myself to "Big Ben" it (i.e. cash in and "take profits"), but I think there is a more upside to be had.