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Thread: Guys, Meet A "Friend Of Ours".

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    Guys, Meet A "Friend Of Ours".

    Hey Julie

    How ya doin?

    Da boss wanted me to tank you for helpin us out wid dose two guys recently. He told me to tell ya dat you got some good hands. You really kep dose guys distracted. Boy, oh boy. Dey never saw it comin. When I heard, I said to Big Dump, avrei bisogno di garze. I laughed so hard.

    Sorry bout your dress getting ruined. I guess your shoes got messed, too. Listen, buy some nice dresses at Sammy’s place, and shoes too. Che misura ha di scarpe? We’ll take care of it wid Sammy. Whatever youse want.

    We’re goin to have a party at the big club in a few days. Ya know, because problems is gone. All the guys will be dere: One Ball, Lugey Man, Garlic Breath, Snot Nose, and Tits. Hey, bring lots of ya friends. Specially that tall brunette wid dat ass, the short blond with the figure that’s packed like a can of sardines. And tell ya friends, faccia come fossie a casa tua. Ascolta me. jus be sure dat dey know what the score is. Okay? We don wan no problems.

    Da food will be great. We got antipasto, lasagna, chicken cacciatore, eggplant parmigiana, baked clams, polenta marinara, linguine aglio e olio, (dat’s my favrit) steak pizzaioli, pepper-and-egg sandwiches, baccala Sicilian-style, giambotta, (Smelly Anthony’s recipe), and desserts like tiramisu, cannoli and spumoni. Buon appetito.

    The boss said, “dis party’s gonna go on forever”. A tavola non si invecchia.

    Hey, Julie, yeah, we remember how youse complained last time when we ran out of cannoli. So, dis time we got tree times as much. And we’ll put your name on a bunch we’ll keep in da kitchen jus for you. No way we’re gon disappoint our little Julie. Whatever youse want, babe!

    Cosa vuole da bere? We got some great Dago red and some Sicilian whites. Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai.

    Horse Face told me to tell ya to be sure to bring your hands too. Heh heh. The guys will be lined up waitin to see ya. And wear dat dress wid the cut-out top and bottom. We ain’t seen dat for awhile. Goin to be a great time for sure.

    La famiglia tutto.

    Vinnie “Tire Iron’ Scamorza
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