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Thread: I'm so disgusted, I'll just post the link..

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    That is great news for us, and very smart on the part of XM.

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    crf: They use the studio to do a large number of things.
    #1: it is a recording studio, and it allows them to get private recordings of songs and/or artists that may not be out much, and they replay those recordings on the air.
    #2: it allows them full access to broadcast the Grand Ol Opry live 5 days a week, where you can listen to the Grand Ol Opry as it happens, in all of it's glory. The Grand Ol Opry is often host to some of THE biggest names in Country music.
    Finally, it allows XM radio to keep their finger on the true pulse of Country music. They have some great country music specials, they have some of the best artist specific channels (George Straight, now coming up Kenny Chesney, etc), a show dedicated to "The Nashville Star" where they are able to interview the contestants and replay things from past episodes...

    It is amazing what they have access to, and what they do for Nashville. Let us not forget that THEY actually pay RIAA fees, unlike Terrestrial.

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