Be warned: Lifetime subscription apparently only means for the lifetime of your radio. My Sportster 4 died after only 1 year (just long enough to be out of service). When I finally got around to buying another radio (an Onyx) I found out

1) I couldn't add it to my existing subscription because it was XM. Apparently, even though the two companies have merged, their business processes have not.

2) They weren't even willing to transfer my Sirius subscription to XM, so i could use the Onyx.

3) They were willing to give me a 70 percent discount on the ugly, low-end Stratus 6, but not on any of the better radios. Even if they were, they now say there will be a $75 fee to transfer the subscription.

4) Despite asking to speak with a manager several times, I was merely passed around from CR to CR.

5) I'm stuck with a $500 lifetime subscription on a dead radio, and Sirius XM couldn't care less.