There has been enough pessimism surrounding Sirius in the last few months with all out attacks from NAB backed media outlets to the point where it is disgusting.

I think it is time that our Sirius XM bloggers can at least get on our side and counteract this media firestorm, shocking negative headlines, libelous claims and lies that are causing fear for retail investors.

It is time to bring Tyler back !

Spencer is way too "glass is half empty" that I am getting tired of hearing so much about the so calld competition.

Please start highlighting all the positives ! We have enough enemies that you do not need to add to the circus.

Can we start with your OEM breakdown and how great these March numbers an 1st Q was to Sirius... Put Spencer away for a while and bring Tyler back - I think he was more "glass is half full " and more of an ally to us long-term investors.

Spencer has proven his point about competition to the ears..enough already for the time being. We have had to deal with Japan earthquake/Tsunami, possible impact on OEM's, Stern and Blessing lawsuits, so there is enough ammunition against us in the short-term.

Give us a break for a while !