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Thread: June timeline of ex partes.

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    I think it is a given. Tate has to finish off any scheduled meetings she already had.

    It would look very bad if she told NAB and GTP "Oh, I am cancelling your meeting where you wanted me to hear your concerns (even though you have told me the same speil 957 times in the last 18 months) because I have already voted in favor of the merger."

    She has to finish off her meetings that were scheduled already, so she can say that she listened to everyone and formed her own opinion.

    I would expect to hear something from her or one of her aids early next week.

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    I'm hoping to hear something this weekend. Funny thing today...I know its a holiday, but there were people at the FCC today. We know this because the ex parte filings I posted would be on the update today were in fact added today. Also general comments were added to the record, including a couple from me. The funny new ex parte filings were added.

    Now I suppose they could have just left them for next week, but that's not been their MO. Typically, they will post any and all before they go home, so some will appear in a document search in the evenings. That's how I get them before anyone else.

    There is nothing since the one meeting yesterday in which American Public Media met with commissioner Tates legal advisor. Ibiquity meetings took place the prior day. So the actual commissioners had no meetings yesterday, and no meetings today. Could they be preparing their statements? That's my hope.
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    BTW I saw someone on the Yahoo boards (I wanna say it was Egiscodr) posted a bunch expartes and then he happened to post your public comment to. That was sweet haha.

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