I've put together a list from FCC filings to get a better picture of what is going on at the FCC. I have left out the numerous letters and WCS filings. This is what has transpired since the beginning of June 1, 2008. For purposes of this post, SX = Sirius Xm

- C3SR met with FCC staff, of note was Copps legal advisor.
- Attorneys general from CT, IA, MD, MO, OH, TN, WA, & WI meet by phone with Martin

- SX meets with Martin

- Pioneer meets with FCC staff

- Ibiquity met with Martin's staff
- Clear Channel and Tn. Reps meet with Tate
- SX counsel meets with Tate

- SX counsel meets with Tate
- NAB with McDowell & Martin

- SX counsel meets with Martin, Tate & McDowell
- Georgetown meets with Adelstein to discuss its free ride.

- SX files its proposal

- NAB meets with FCC staff to oppose open access
- Pioneer meets with Adelstein and Copps staff.
- Mel K. Meets with Adelstein
- Public Knowlerdge (PK) and Media Access Project (MAP) met with Adelstein
- Minority Media & Television meets with Copps and Adelstein

- MAP & PK met with Copps & staff, proposed concessions
- SX execs & counsel met with Adelstein's staff, Copps, and McDowell.
- NAB sends letter stating merger will hurt Nashville.

- C3SR phoned McDowell
- SX counsel meets with Tate

- SX sends letter showing merger will benefit music city!
- C3sr meets with Tate.
- Clear Channel & Friends meet with McDowell & Staff, Copps and Adelstein's staff.
- Entercom met with Tate & staff
- David Rehr, NAB pres. met with McDowell
- Free press met with FCC staff

- US electronics met with Adelstein, proposal submitted

- Georgetown meets with Adelstein, now opposes merger.

- NAB met with staff of Tate and Copps
- US electronics met with McDowell, letter to Tate
- MAP and PK met with McDowell and staff
- APM met with McDowell,.
- RIAA met with Tate
- PTC meets with Tate, supports merger
- Georgetown met with McDowell to oppose merger

- APM met with Tates staff, and Martins staff
- NAB met with Adelsteins staff
- MAP & PK met with Tate and staff
- Pioneer met with McDowells staff
- NTU meets with Tate, supports merger
- SX execs provide Tate e-mail responses to questions

- RIAA phones Tate
- Entercom meets with Adelstein
- NCWO meets with Tate, supports merger
- NAB met with Tate, FCC counsel, Martins legal advisor, McDowell's legal advisor and staff to stall any vote - filed petition to defer action.
- APM met with FCC staff and Adelstein
- SX counsel and Mel K. met with Adelstein and Tate
- Georgetown with Martins staff

- 5 Mn democrats (see hall of shame) send opposition letter following David Rehr/NAB event in Mn.
- Pioneer met with Tates legal advisor
- Georgetown met with Copps

- New York State Federation of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce met with Tate.
- The Latino Coalition met with Tate
- League of rural voters met with Tate
All 3 of these urged prompt approval of the merger.