I am an investor in Sirius and a subscriber who believes in/enjoys the product--just getting this out of the way. I have been patient through this entire process; frustrated--oh yeah, but patient. Now, I'm tired. It makes no sense, but I am. I have been checking the web (what....maybe 25 times a day) for Sirius merger updates since October last year. U all know the timeline if you are in this forum. DOJ approval in late, March, and here we sit, July 1, waiting on the FCC. The longer this is drawn out, the more negative news/views are expressed. What should be good news (the DOJ approval, the Martin comments 3 weeks ago, and today's ML upgrade) does nothing for the position. I actually was giving the FCC the benefit of the doubt; I felt that they maybe hadn't started to review the merger until the DOJ acted. Okay, reasonable. Then they needed time to sort through the process, hearing 'both sides' (mainly the NAB and Georgetown Partners, of course), and needed time to craft the legal papers--whatever those need to be. I believe that Mel can't truly speak until the process is complete. Again, reasonable. But, while we hear daily from opponents of the merger, why haven't we heard from anyone who supports the merger? All 100 Senators are against this merger? Seriously. Just venting here. Time for another glass of wine.....oh, and maybe one quick trip through siriusbuzz.com and orbitcast.com just in case any new news is out there (LOL).